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Brian Kelleher Brian Kelleher

Brian has over forty years’ experience in medical device design, development, and management. He recently co-founded TearFilm Innovations, developer of the award-winning iLux® Dry Eye Treatment System.  Brian served as Executive Chairman and COO, and assisted in the acquisition by Alcon.  Prior to that, he served as CEO of BIT MedTech (originally California MedTech), a $30M contract developer and manufacturer of medical devices and life science instrumentation. Brian founded the company, and led the acquisition by German-based BIT Analytical. Cal MedTech co-developed and manufactured products such as the Personal Genome Machine for Ion Torrent (acquired by Life Technologies), the JJB Nerve Surveillance System for NuVasive (NUVA), the Pulsar Electrosurgery System for Peak Surgical (acquired by Medtronic) and the RapidBlue intravascular cooling system for InnerCool (acquired by Philips). Before that, Brian founded Endonetics, a venture-backed medical device firm that developed products for the diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Brian served as CEO and Chairman of Endonetics, and assisted in the sale of the company to Medtronic. He has held technical and management positions with Analog Devices, Medtronic, Winfield, and Nellcor/Puritan-Bennett. Brian earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke and an MBA from Stanford. He holds over twenty U.S. and foreign patents with more than twenty-five pending, and has been involved in the development and commercialization of over 150 life science products.


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